News from Northdown, August 2021

By Louise from Northdown Orchard

The 3rd Saturday of the month has been set aside for anyone to come and work in the herb garden.

We are redesigning the existing garden to have 5 beds that are 45m long x 1.6m wide with paths 0.9m wide in between the beds.

This was the first Volunteering Saturday for HWB Calais. It was the 21st August. There were 10 volunteers this time and what an amazing help they were.

We all met around 10am in the barn for a tisane or coffee then worked solidly til lunchtime at 1pm. Everyone brought their own lunch but there were some delicious vegan flapjacks and “keto pie” to have with the beverages.

Many plants were dug out and are being kept as stock plants to be replanted in October.

The afternoon seemed to go quickly, 2pm-4pm, with yet more plants dug up for stock. The weather was perfect really….slightly overcast, just a little drizzle and no sweltering sunshine, which would have been a problem for the people and plants!

A big thank you to all who helped.

P.S. We plan on continuing the lifting and storing of stock plants on September the 18th, if you would like to join in text me! or 07905955242

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